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1949 Triumph Renown TDB Series

Silver over black. Survivor car - not restored and all original. Present owner has had the car for over 35 years and personally imported it from England. Car was exhibited at the Simeone Auto Museum for a few months in 2015. Amazingly the body is largely rust free - there’s a little surface-only rusting in a couple of recessed areas, but absolutely no bubbling or holes. There is some minor accident damage to the right-rear fender.
All the chrome is there and in good condition radiator mascot is beautiful. Interior is the original gray leather, but there’s some splitting of seams in a few places. ALl instruments work except clock (did they ever?)(All switches, wipers, lights and heater work fine.)
Car has two large Lucas driving/fog lamps which also work, as well as the large, original (non-converted) headlamps that shine beautifully. The original Standard-Vanguard 4-cylinder 2088cc engine (very similar to the TR2 motor) starts and runs nicely and the transmission and synchros work smoothly, though as with all Renowns, the shift linkage is vague and takes some getting used to!
Brakes work nicely,. Car is drivable but there’s a recent noise that makes me think there’s a drive shaft universal joint that’s begun to die. Being sold along with the care are a host of extra parts, some new, some old, including a set of new 87mm pistons and ;liners and a full set of new running board strips and end-caps (extremely hard to find nowadays.)

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Drivers Quarter view of our 1949 Triumph Renown

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Location: Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, 19073